A sample of some of the Fundraising events held by the Trust as profiled below:

Work with Māia Health

The Māia Health Foundation has been created to enhance the Canterbury health system by working to raise funds for essential projects that add significant benefit to the health of the community.  Currently Māia is raising funds for the enhancement of the children’s facilities at Christchurch Hospital, including the provision of a children’s playground and beds for parents in all children’s rooms.  Māia is delighted to be supported by the Rainbow Children’s Trust in helping to deliver these projects.


Rotary Ball
“Kids Should Have A Ball”

Special thanks to Rotary Christchurch for allocating the proceeds from this ball to Rainbow Children’s Trust over a number of years.

The Antarctic Centre one of the supporters of Mufti Day
“This was the first time in over 7 years that the Director agreed for the staff to wear mufti!!  The staff had a lot of fun and have really enjoyed the event.

Beyond The Rainbow 
“Beyond the Rainbow Gala Cocktail Evening & Charity Auction” featured more than 35 items donated by local businesses and celebrities and raised almost $35,000.00.

Thanks Jetstar   Qantas’ low-cost subsidiary Jetstar flew its first Airbus A320 to the Gold Coast launching its twice-weekly flights from Christchurch to Coolangatta.

On board the inaugural flight from Christchurch to Coolangatta were staff and friends of the Rainbow Children’s Health Trust.  The airline had offered seats to the Trust resulting in a fundraising event which raised $6000 for the trust.

Jetstar bases two Airbus A320 aircraft at Christchurch to fly to four destinations in Australia, flying to Sydney 10 times a week, 9 times a week to Melbourne and daily to Brisbane.

The Trust was the official charity for Gardenz. The gala opening benefited the Trust and proceeds will go toward a mobile community health van.

Antarctic Centre Hagglund Celebrity Challenge
This event involved teams of eight pulling a Hagglund from a standing start to the finish line in the quickest time.  Through the Rainbow Celebrity team didn’t manage to win the challenge, $2000.00 was raised through sponsorship and donations which went toward the publishing and distribution of the second edition of the  “Going to Hospital Book.

Windmills in Gardens
Instillation by Japanese artist, Kazu Negishi
During the month of February 2006 1000 Windmills could be purchased for $30.00 with $10.00 going to the RCHT.

New Zealand and especially the South Island have beautiful natural elements.  Wind is one of the important elements of nature.  When windmills harmonize with the wind we can see the wind and feel comfortable.

A windmill looks like a flower.  The concept is that seeds fall from the forest, are washed done the river and blown by the wind to grown into beautiful flowers.  A water garden is created where we can see soil, wind and water and how they harmonize.  Kazu Negishi is from Tokyo Japan.  He has a long history in art and is currently and Artist in Residence at the Arts Centre.  His works range form realist to abstract colour fields to instillations.  He is currently exhibiting in the CoCA gallery in Christchurch.

The main thing he is known for here in Christchurch is his  windmill installations.  He likes the idea of being outside in a public space where everyday people can see and appreciate his art.